#1 The night life of Pink City, Jaipur.

If you are reading this, I would like you to know that the photograph you are currently enjoying is the foundation brick of this blog.

Around two years have been passed since I began photography. I still remember trying to capture a dead house fly from my Nokia mobile, and editing the same, till it looked more like an oil painting.

However, my journey on the petals of photography has been marvelous. For me, and for every other photographer, the moment of reading the comments, appreciation or criticism, pleases the heart present beneath our skin.

I hope you will re-visit my blog to join the gaze over my photographs and share your views over it.

Thank you!

The beautiful city of Jaipur is often considered to be a boring city having nothing exceptional except its rich and traditional culture and heritage.

A very little people know about the mesmerizing vistas, which wait eagerly for your heart to enjoy them. One of such scenario is this – the Ganesham Tower, located near Gopalpura Bypass. This place is especially famous for the gym – SportsFit. This gym is equipped with very sophisticated instruments and machines required for toning one’s body, because of which, it is hitting the popularity records throughout the city of Jaipur.

The manager of this gym was kind enough to allow me to roam over to the roof of the building and capture the beauty trapped at the roof top. But, my absence of thinking retorted against me by reminding my forgetfulness for not bringing my tripod with me. However, I helped myself by balancing my gear on the emaciated railing, and came back home with this scenario. Like most of my posts, my photographs are edited, either with Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

Seeing forward for your reviews.

Thank you!


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